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are you OK? :S

Not really but thank you for your concern anon.

Not reblogging. Just posting this up today.

I believe that I have lost my best friend and I sadly have no feelings towards it. Eh. Should have seen it coming.




Fancy | Drake (ft. T.I. & Swizz Beatz

this song makes me feel like a bougie light skint girl


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  • white person: how do you say my name in your language??
  • me: pendejo

Daily reminder for all Black Women


You are beautiful. You are powerful. You are intelligent. You deserve to be happy and fulfilled. You deserve to live a life filled with wonder and joy. Be proud. Demand what You deserve as a Black Woman. You have a right to Your desires and Your dreams. Surround Yourself with people who will support that.

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That awkward moment when you leave a store without buying anything and all you can think is “act natural, you’re innocent”.

Black people probs

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